Scholarship Application

Attention: Deadline March 15, 2024. Please submit this application before the deadline.

We are offering this scholarship to seniors graduating this year with interests in agriculture and areas relating to agriculture. Applying seniors must be currently attending one of the following high schools: Burley, Declo, Minico, Kimberly, Murtaugh, Hansen, Oakley, Twin Falls and must be US Citizens.

Required Additional Attachments

To submit the following required additional attachments please click the "Attach" button below to open the Scholarship Attachments page in a new tab. This page will ask for your first and last name, please make sure it matches the first and last name provided above. Also, be sure that you submit the attachments and this form on the same day. PDF is the preferred file type of items A-H, and jpeg is the preferred file type of item I. If you have any questions or run into any issues reach out via the contact form.

A. A transcript of classes and grades for the last four years, including a list of classes currently taking the spring semester of your senior year.

B. Two letters of recommendation. One from a teacher and one from a community member.

C. List all school organizations of which you have been a member during your school years and the years of membership in each organization.

D. List all offices you have held in any school organization, club or student office and the year held.

E. List all other school and non-school activities, work, and community service activities you have been active in.

F. Write an essay up to one page giving the reason why you qualify for this scholarship.

G. List the major you plan to pursue and how it applies to agriculture.

H. Name of college/university/vocational school you plan to attend.

I. A 4x6 (or larger) picture of yourself.